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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT - Questions Answered from the Q&A with WaterFlame!

Haha, Ok. well, since Its a slow day at my daytime job, I guess Ill reply to these now then!
1. How was your reaction after robtop contacted you?
Just like any other reaction when I get asked for usage or a commission. Its nice, but pretty normal for me.
I do about 2 of these kinds contracts a month.
2. Did you think you would be this popular?
Not really, no! Or at least not in this way. I aim to be a known VG composer, rather than artist.
But it turned out to be a mix of both! And I am thankful for that, But it has been a lot of hard work. and still is.
3. How many songs have you already made in total?
Including the ones for games, and the ones not submitted anywhere,
probably around 300-400.
4. Do you play geometry dash?
I tried it, but I dont play it. Its not really my thing.
5. Will you like to collaborate with users that use FL Studio to make songs?
Not really, unless It is a close friend, or someone I really admire the style of.
6. Do you like Geometry Dash gamers?
Im neutral. I wouldnt see them as a separate entity,
Its just people enjoying a game. So I like geometrydash gamers If the persons are nice,
Like any other situation.
7. Who Inspired You To make music in Newgrounds?
I answer this in my interviews on my page, But No one in particular on newgerounds.
It was more VG composers from games I liked at the time. (Like maplestory, and various sega games)
8. What games do you play?
Too many to mention. I have way too many games.
Right now tho I play Lethal league, nuclear throne, hearthstone, and nosgoth.
9. What version of FL Studio do you use?
11 at the moment, switching to 12 once my current assignements are complete.
10. Which of your songs do you like the most/feel were your biggest accomplishments? (Feel free to give a few, not just one.)
The wanderer, felicity, final battle and radio cutter :)
11. Why is your hair so epic?
Haha, I dont know? Thanks tho!
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